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A Glance of the Negative Side in Social Media

Growing up in Gen Z, I’ve grown up in a world where social media is everywhere, some including Facebook and Instagram. I vividly remember when I made my first account on Instagram in the fourth grade. Instagram was fun, innocent, and just a place where I could share pictures of myself with my friends and…

Post Reading of “Strawberry Spring”

I just read a short story called “Strawberry Spring” by Stephen King. To be honest, I am not a big fan of thriller or horror stories. I get so scared so easily and so this one definitely got me nervous while reading it. One of the lines that freaked me out the most was when…

One of my Most Embarrassing Moments in Elementary School

Throughout my years at elementary school, I faced many difficulties in reading. In the first grade, I went to a reading specialist named Mrs. Valentine. She helped me so much by getting me on track with the other students’ reading levels. Because I learned so much with her in just one year, I no longer…


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